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You planned an evening out to a restaurant. You sit at a table in an unknown place. You came to relax and rest, not stress, whether you would choose the right wine for dinner in the presence of a girl, friends from work or other people on whom you want to make a good impression. However, do you feel uncomfortable? We fully understand you. Get acquainted with our short guide, and from now on the selection of wine for dinner will become a pure pleasure. A visit to makes things perfect.

Wine list

Always ask for a wine list when in a restaurant. When you sit in the restaurant and find out that the cards are gone and the wines are displayed behind the bar and you have to rely on the waiter’s stories, remember the basis of your choice is your money do not overpay for wine. Expect the waiter to quickly exchange the wines he recommends, preventing you from focusing on the right choice. And most importantly, you probably won’t hear if the proposed Wine is to cost several dozen or several hundred dollars. In this case, do not be afraid to interrupt the waiter’s recitation and simply feel free to ask “how much does a bottle cost”. It is best, however, to go to a restaurant that has a wine list and will allow you to familiarize yourself with their range.

Startup with the waiter

With or without a wine card, you always have to deal with a waiter who usually considers himself an excellent wine expert and even a sommelier. In short, the person in front of you knows everything better than you but remembers to be nice. You are here to relax, so listen calmly to the waiter’s rant and order the wine that seems best to you remembering that price is very important when choosing.

How much to spend on wine in a restaurant?

Adjust the price of the wine to the price of lunch or dinner. A quick lunch in the afternoon, for several dozen dollars per head, does not require wines for which you would have to take a loan. An exquisite dinner during a crazy trip to an exclusive restaurant is worth immortalizing with the famous top-shelf wine. When choosing wine for a regular meeting, do not choose the cheapest from the card, and the shelf higher. The cheapest wine is usually not very good and is supposed to show that there are cheap wines in the restaurant. It’s best to choose a bottle from the shelf above, which has certainly been carefully chosen by the sommelier.

The most famous Italian couple: food and wine

At the beginning, we have to decide what we will eat and then order wine. Volumes have been written on the subject of wine selection, so in short: we drink light wines with light dishes, sophisticated wines with exquisite dishes. As for the color despite the fact that red wines for fish have recently been in vogue, it seems silly to us and we offer an old-fashioned choice: for fish and seafood white wine, for red meats and red wine.

Wine tasting

The waiter has poured into your glass a little wine that you have chosen and is still waiting for your decision. Lightly shake the wine glass with the face of someone who has never done anything else in your life, cover the glass with your hand and then taste it.