laser tag

Indoor laser with their laser net and rubber tip

Our indoor field is set up and prepared to oblige huge gatherings of players in the battlefield Houston. The arsenal is loaded with reasonable weapons that are intended to be taken care of like the genuine article. We go for stroll in bunches just as reservations. The indoor play clearly fits accessibility during every climate condition. We even have for the time being Lock-In functions that permit you and your companions to play into the late evening. Play indoor laser tag at Bedlam Greenwich and appreciate the best value cutting edge, all activity, sheltered, zero-sway, group game. Lasertag Greenwich especially suits young people who appreciate battle games and know about the idea from PC games, making it an ideal fun and energizing approach to make the most of your sixteenth as well as eighteenth Birthday celebrations.

Laser with the solid hardware

laser tag

The indoor laser label hardware game pack by LASERTAGNET.GR is explicitly intended for games. This  pack comprises a blaster that shoots infrared beams and a vest with hit sensors. This laser label framework consolidates world celebrated principles of laser label field gear, for example, solid hardware and present-day programming, planned to utilize our organization’s advancements.LASERTAGNET.GR field game unit is the most innovatively and practically progressed laser label hardware of all current laser label field frameworks. On the off chance that you need to have a field that outperforms contenders both as far as quality and working, at that point this alternative is for you!


The FALCON blaster was made based on the FALCON F1 game unit. It is our organization’s advancement, planned explicitly for laser tag. The astounding and modern plan of this blaster is completely appropriate for laser battles. It has no jutting and removable parts that could break or damage anyone during games.  The instilled catches forestall inadvertent shut down of the game unit during the game. The blaster’s body is made of stun confirmation polypropylene and comes in two tones: white and dim.

Defensive RUBBER TIP 

Every blaster is furnished with a defensive tip made of delicate elastic. This elastic tip shields players from a conceivable injury that might be brought about by interacting with a blaster tip. It additionally secures the forward portion of the blaster’s body from harm during indoor laser label battles, since they occur at close separations – in fields with thickly arranged obstructions. The defensive elastic tip can be made in yellow, red, blue, dark, and green tones.

Realistic LCD-SCREEN 

Incorporated with the blaster’s body, a realistic LCD-screen can show up to 6 markers simultaneously (wellbeing, ammo, hits, deactivated adversaries, and the score). To make it more hearty, the screen is reinforced by a 6-mm defensive glass.

Association with vest by means of a strengthened cable cord 

Because of the extreme focus of laser label field games, the association among vest and blaster is acknowledged by methods for a link line. This innovation guarantees the most noteworthy dependability for signal transmission. We gave uncommon consideration to this component while planning our hardware. We utilize a fortified link line covered up in thick encasing of high heartiness which is utilized in insulating frameworks. This sort of a linked rope doesn’t stick to obstructions or players and is all around shielded from conceivable mechanical harms.