Priory motorhome rentals

What You need to Know about Priory motorhome rentals

There are different rules and regulations per country for driving a motorhome which driving license you need, for example, and whether or not you can camp wild often allowed in this country. Deepen your knowledge in advance so that you will not be confronted with unexpected surprises. For Priory motorhome rentals this is important.

Priory motorhome rentals

Pick up a camper from the rental company

Photograph the camper around to avoid annoying surprises afterward damage claims. Fill in the form correctly and see if any damage already present has been indicated. Turn on the headlights to see if there is any damage to the lighting.

Read the instruction manual of the motorhome carefully. Where is the water tank located? How does the power connection etc? Handy to know when booking your motorhome: the rental companies outside Europe require that you spend night after arrival at a hotel due to jet lag. Schedule the rental of your camper a day later than your arrival date at the airport.

Before and during your camper trip

Before your trip: make sure you have enough fuel and provisions for the journey. Nothing is more annoying than standing in a desolate environment after a few hundred miles because your tank is empty. Be aware of the dimensions of your camper so that you will not be faced with surprises at bridges, tunnels and narrow streets. In America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, you will not have a problem parking your camper outside of the big cities. The parking spaces in Europe are not always large.

During your trip: make sure that all loose items are kept in well-sealed cupboards.

If you are parked, make sure the camper is level. Not only because it is uncomfortable to sit or lie on a tilted camper, but also because otherwise, you can get a problem with the drain of the toilet and sink.

On the road again: close the gas tap before you leave. And if you have taken electricity via an electricity cable, do not forget to disconnect it again. You may not believe it, but you will not be the first to overlook this. Are you going on holiday with a rented camper then there are a few handy tips. What do you pay attention to when you pick up the camper before departure and on the road? Before you set off, walk through the rental camper with the landlord.

  • Is the fuel tank full, does it contain gasoline or diesel?
  • Is a gas bottle present and how should it be changed.
  • Are the tires tight?
  • Is there damage to the motorhome before you leave?

Everything is clear about the use of the camper think of TV, refrigerator, toilet cassette, etc. Check tools available for changing a wheel, car documents including a green card and contact information for emergencies.

Important points before you leave with the camper.

Note the length, width and height of the motorhome. Place this insight for when driving. That way you are always up to date when you have to go under a tunnel, for example.

The load capacity of the camper. Keep in mind how heavy the camper can be. This prevents unexpected fines and unsafe situations from happening.