laser quest

What is the difference between the mobile game and live games? Among those games which are best?

In many countries, people are more interested in live games than mobile or computer games. Than mobile games, live games are more interested to play. Many live games are played in some countries. laser quest  is also a game that is played by many kids, men, and women. Here the gamers are distributed a fake gun that emits infrared light to spot their enemies. A signal with the infrared device will be given to every player. This game is first introduced in the year 1979. Players can play this game it two ways like the indoor style and also by outdoor style.

You can see or played many shooting games on your mobile phones but those games will not attract the players more. But laser tag is the live game and the gamers would get more interested and get more extra ideas while playing the game. The main advantage of the laser tag game is it will not harm your eye while playing and the gun that is given for shooting can be used by both children and also by adults. Every player should wear a tagger and a headband during the game. And there are some rules to be followed by the players like it is strictly prohibited to exchange their guns or any other equipment with other gamers while playing.

Is the gun is safer for kids?

laser quest

In the laser gun, there will be two buttons on the side of the gun power off and to power on and also for reloading the gun. Before starting the game the instructor will set up everything and will activate your kits to find your enemy and to knock them. Always aim your opponent’s headband and pull the trigger towards yourself. When you run out of the ammo your gun will automatically stop shooting. So you should not forget to reload your gun when it gets over. With the help of the speaker, you can get updates about the game by this you can get the instruction about your health remains and also warn you when you have your last life.

Once the player got hit in the sensors on the headband he will get a beep sound with the vibration of the headband. The light-emitting doodles on the headband will light up with some colours. You can play as a team and also a single player. While paying if one of your team members got injured his/her band will pulsate in white colour. And the main thing while playing is to not hide or cover your band using your hand since other players will not be able to hit you. Some guns may have additional sensors that are kept inside in the rifle then it is more difficult to cheat. Every player should be active while playing if any of the players distracted from the game then the whole players will be affected.

All the necessary settings are made only by the instructor. If any of your team members have no health points left the player is considered as dead. And the dead player should come off the game.