destiny 2 Trials Carry

What is the best option to playing the Destiny 2 Games

destiny 2 Trials Carry

Each activity in Destiny 2 has a recommended Strength level. Of course, this is not some kind of strict restriction, but rather a piece of friendly advice from the developers: do not meddle, it will eat you up. If the character does not have enough strength, then he will be much more vulnerable to enemy attacks, and his own damage will decrease. For the destiny 2 Trials Carry You need the best choices and we have that for you.

  • For example, in the original Destiny, every missing point of Light as the Strength parameter was called earlier reduced the protection and attacks of the Guard by 3%. Thus, if a player went on a raid or raid, designed for 300 strength, having only 285, then he lost 45% efficiency.
  • In Destiny 2, Character Strength works in a similar way, although no exact percentage has yet been revealed. However, the logic is such that the recommended requirements should be followed for any activity. This is one of the basics of the game.

Of course, on the forums, you can find many players who have not even reached 270 Strength and therefore complaining to the developers that “elite” players do not want to play with them, but this is the essence of MMO: there are always strong and weak, and in order to join the first, real effort is needed. Otherwise, do not get into the raid. Even if there is a group with such a low Strength, it will not be trite to kill anyone: mathematics will work against it.

Farm, farm and farm again

Strength depends on the quality of the items equipped with the character, which means that the first thing that each Sentinel must understand is the need to constantly receive new items. At first, it will be quite simple to play: go through a campaign, participate in PvP, go through adventures and lost sectors.

Later, the blunt pressure tactic stops working. Having reached approximately 265-270 Strength, you can see that the usual activity does not give a special increase to the character’s power since the falling objects are too weak. Therefore, we will further consider various levels of the rarity of weapons and armor.

The most attentive players managed to look at Leviathan during the beta testing

The most attentive players managed to look at Leviathan during the beta testing. Rare items fall everywhere but cannot have Strength above 260. Thus, they become useless as soon as the character goes through a story campaign and most of the other basic activity.

Legendary objects violet mostly fall out as encrypted engrams that need to be handed over to a special merchant at the base but are also often issued for performing various tasks. Legendary items are always better than rare, but no more than 5 Strength.

What is the fastest way to get a complete set of “legendries”?

It’s simple: heroic open events that periodically take place on different planets. As a rule, for the passage of such activity, the player receives two rare things at once, a mark for reputation and glitter (Glimmer). But it so happens that instead of a rare item, a legendary or even exotic engram falls.

The most “profitable” planet for farming heroic outdoor events is Titan. Its locations are close to each other, anywhere can be reached in a couple of minutes. In anticipation of the next event, you can go in for patrols on behalf of Cayde-6 or collect loot in chests around the planet.