Parking spaces

Use of Parking Space and about Rent parking

Parking spaces are a location that is allotted for parking either covered or uncovered. It is a parking garage, parking a lot in this area. Based on the place of the parking space, the time permitted to park may be fixed by regulations, and fees may need to use the parking space. Space may be described by road surface markings. The automobile fits interior space, either by parallel, angular, and perpendicular parking. Three frequently used arrangements of parking spaces parallel parking, perpendicular parking, and angle parking. This Parking are self-park configurations Vehicle drivers independently access the parking. Parallel parking of cars arranged as a line, with the front side of the car is facing the backside of the car adjacent one. Angle parking is also called echelon parking in Britain, cars are arranged with an angle the same as perpendicular to the vehicle. Other parking methods also following in larger cities.

Paid Parking:

Parking spaces

Different forms of automation are used to charge motorists for the use of the parking lot. The first automated parking lots for a monthly fee, an owner with a magnetic key card to enter and exit the parking lot by increasing and decreasing the boom. These boom gates are used for many parking lots, A consumer arrives at the entrance ticket machine through the vehicle, Press the push button for ticket request, pull the ticket –which lifts the barrier and entering in a parking lot. Currently, more moderns systems using automatic pay stations, where the customer presents the ticket and pays the fee need before returning to their car, then drives the end terminal and presents the ticket.

If the ticket is not paid the boom barrier will not lift, it will force the consumer to press the intercom and talk to the staff people, or reverse out to pay at the cashier booth. In some airports in the United States, a customer can choose to swipe a credit card at the entrance ticket dispenser alternatively taking a ticket, the same credit card swipe in the exit terminal they will allow to leave the lot. The appropriate parking fee spontaneously calculated and paid to the credit card used.

In some places parking, lots of customers present their tickets to and reward the cashier s office or counter. Like that cashier, the office called as shroff offices in Hong kong. Ticket not been paid their barrier will not lift, Currently, shroff offices and cashier are replaced by automatic machines. Parking meters are also be used with motorists paid in the previous advance for the time required for the lot they are parking in. Israel developed a mobile app for customers to use both find and pay available metered parking.

Customers account linked with payment methods, the system knew where the vehicle is parked and allow the user to share the parking session with Fb friends, Customer can also monthly fee for register car and subscribe to reminders that text alerts shortly before metered time expired. Extra lots operate on a pay and display system, where the ticket is purchased from the machine and placed the front of the car. Since 1978 onwards pre-book parking available in the US.