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To answer the question ‘how to choose a criminal lawyer’, here are two important qualities that the lawyer must possess. Choosing the Oberheiden Law – Wrongful Death Attorneys can be especially useful.


Oberheiden Law - Wrongful Death Attorneys

Another important element is the availability of the Criminal Lawyer to communicate with the client. It is important that the lawyer keeps you updated on the evolution of your procedure, it is important that he answers your phone calls or that he calls you back.

Clarity and honesty

The criminal lawyer must be able to speak to you in a clear and understandable way, plus he must be honest. Don’t be fooled by the guaranteed result. No criminal lawyer can guarantee you the result. The Criminal Lawyer can only guarantee you what he believes to be the right defense during the trial. Remember: the obligation that the lawyer assumes with the assignment is an obligation of means not of the result!

Criminal Lawyers: Who They Are and What They Do

Criminal lawyers are experts in the legal field, regularly enrolled in the register of lawyers, whose work focuses on taking care of the legal aspect resulting from the commission of any action or fact recognized by the criminal code as a “crime”.

In procedural actions, he can address his work both in favour of the injured party, and therefore the subject of the charge, and by placing himself in defense of the accused, acting subject of the head of the charge, before the judicial body.

In addition to a specialization of the profession around criminal law, the criminal lawyer can restrict his field of action to single crimes (e.g. embezzlement, murder, corruption, etc.) and to the legislative material, concerning sanctions, related to these.

Deriving from this last aspect of the learning path of the criminal lawyer is the consultancy service that the lawyer can undertake towards individuals and companies. The subjects affected by any legal action of a criminal nature but also civil and administrative, can, in fact, ask the lawyer for an opinion, in order to evaluate a possible strategy in the judicial field or to better analyze the fact in question. This is due to the gravity of the argument which, according to the laws and penalties listed in the criminal code, can also generate serious consequences for the parties involved.

The Importance of Knowing to Choose Your Own Criminal Lawyer

Once the need to have recourse to a criminal lawyer has been ascertained, after having made use of appropriate advice to understand whether the fact analyzed is attributable to the civil or criminal law branch, it is essential to understand the importance of the lawyer’s competence. In this brief analysis of the role of the criminal lawyer, we will focus on the two aspects that most affect the real effectiveness of the activities carried out by the lawyer: competence and approach.

While the competence is to be assessed based on the previous experience of the lawyer and on the particular type of case for which assistance is requested, the approach is a more complex and often underestimated aspect.

The criminal lawyer must know how to convey to the client a sense of security, serenity and transparency capable of guaranteeing a profitable professional relationship in the elaboration first of a careful study of the fact in question and then of the best strategy to deal with the case.