Archery Tag

The original brand of the extreme in their game

There is some package of our archery tag designed forgiving in the utmost quantity and value. There is a minimum of 8 years over in their safety records, quantity, and innovation in each of their packages to be included. They had an awarded license in the exclusive membership in providers of the global network in the prominent place of the Archery Tag . There are thousands of refills in generates of leads in membership of each year in the serving of the dedicated team in their excellent needs of the telephone customer in their service and products in support. This game is consists of five team members in the archery tag of the opposite in their separated safe zone. It must begin with the game of the players of the same number.

Archery Tag

There is eliminate of the players because of the object of the game in getting them out or not allowing to score the point in the timed game of the point. There are some remaining players in the boundary line all-time during play and the boundary lines are left through the players in the end line of the get back wander away arrows. They should end the line of the return. They do respect for the players and adhere to the decision at all times of the referrals. Gameplay there should be aware of the mask. All should respect the players. And there bows and arrows are mainly used in the context of intended in the archery tag of gameplay.

Rules of the game

There is no circumstance are used in the clubs of bows and arrows to knock the out of the arrows in the air or players of assault. There is some violent behaviour that is not going to be tolerated. Obscene language is not also going to be tolerated. By playing bow each game should begin in the end lines of the arrows in the safe zone of the center. The players should take some position in their end line in the judge of his following signal they may rush into the safe zone in the gather of the possible in many arrows. They are some attacking zone in returns of the player at the start of the shooting. When the players going for life there is an attack zone in every shoot or be shot in the zone of the attack.

There will be a safe zone for the player cannot shoot or be shot. There is a safe zone in the get back of the permitted in arrows and immediate return in their attack zone. They may stop in their safe zone. They may move all-time in the players. Who may have stopped for 5 seconds in the warming time of the ref issued to the players. There will be infraction in the 1 point of the deduction of result in second in their elimination of the game. There will be 5 players in one team and the additional players should have stayed in the sideline. There will be left off the field in the bow of the incoming players in the filed of the leading player. They safe equipment in issues of the injured players on their rare occasion of their injured.