The Finer Choices for the Home Buying Right Here

The number of people buying a house in the Netherlands has been rising for years. More than 60% of the houses are nowadays owned. Are you planning to buy a house? Then this guide is especially for you. After reading, you know exactly what to expect and what steps you need to take to buy a house. Let’s go. A visit to makes things easy for you.

Can you buy this house?

If you are going to buy a house, you must of course know how much you have to spend. My smart calculation tool calculates your maximum mortgage in a few minutes. Want to know more about buying a house? Then read on below.

Reasons to buy a house

Why would you buy a house? And what are the reasons for not doing it? Buying a house is a huge decision that you have to think carefully about before you actually do it. In this chapter I have listed the biggest advantages and disadvantages of buying a house for you

Your own house

For many people this is the most important reason to buy. Your own house, all yours, where you can change everything you want. In addition, you put the money that you pay every month in your own home. It is therefore an investment, which is different than if you rent a house. You pay off something that is yours instead of giving someone money every month to live in a house that is not yours.

Stable monthly charges

If you take out a mortgage on a house for sale, you generally pay off a fixed amount each month with interest. So you know where you stand when it comes to your monthly payments. Do you have a fixed-rate period of ten years? Then you know exactly how much you have to pay for the next ten years. If you rent, you will never know for sure, your rent may be increased every year. So you have no certainty about your monthly payments.

Less flexible

You can cancel a rental house at any time, where you are stuck to your mortgage when buying a house. You can of course sell your house, but this takes a lot more effort than canceling your rent. Do you not want to be tied to anything for now? Then it might be wiser to keep renting until you are really ready to buy a house.


Buying a house is not entirely without risk. Now house prices are sky high, but if they fall your house can be flooded. That means that your mortgage is higher than your home is worth. You also have to arrange everything yourself if something goes wrong with your house. For example, do you suffer from leaks or is something broken in your house? Then you must ensure that this is made. With a rented house this is the responsibility of your landlord or housing association.

The orientation phase

Are you sure you want to buy a house? Then you can start searching and orientating. You may see hundreds of houses before you find your ideal home. How do you approach this search in a smart way? In this chapter you will read everything about the orientation phase that you go through when you look for your dream house.