Join me to find out some hidden but terrific golf courses in Orlando, FL

Golfers from around the world visit Orlando for many reasons and most of them can be found playing at golf courses which have nothing special to offer. You will find courses and resorts nearby every tourist attraction here in Orlando, and for most players, those seem to be enough. Because the special ones are less-known, less talked about, therefore visiting golfers just have no clue what they are missing. Most local visitor guides don’t name these places, even online sites or travel sites don’t mention them usually. Or if they do, they don’t mention them in their top list. Don’t worry; you can still find sites like / to see more places which usually gets omitted by regular travel sites. Based on my personal experience, I can say that Orlando has some hidden treasure like golf courses which are just needed to be discovered and patronized by the new players every day.

While I was in Orlando (I traveled there once last year and planning to go this year too), I tried to find out some lesser known golf courses to see what they can offer. They are lesser known because nobody talks about them. Nobody talks about them, because they are most probably not located at a tourist attraction. But just because they are not conveniently located, they can’t necessarily be dull. Some might be, but some might be interesting. So, I asked myself, why not give it a try!

And I spent my time there to find those places, and I can say that I have successfully been able to create a list of some of the most astounding golf courses which can offer you an affordable golf experience with unique features. And I can assure you that Orlando boasts of a wide selection of such less-known historical golf courses that are just located at a bit less-traveled place – these are absolutely worth your time.


This course is the oldest public golf course in Orlando. Orlando city administration owns this course and is a fantastic place for locals and tourist golfers alike to play some round in this course. It was founded in the year of 1924 by a local real estate tycoon who determined to start his own course due to some issues with a local country club of that time. Since then, this golf course has been true to its spirit – it invites everybody here without any discrimination of any kind.

The Dubsbread course is an affordable option compared to most of the usual courses in Orlando, yet it’s no less fun than those. In fact, its unique characteristics offer you something more than what you get in those resort courses. If you’re looking for some good golf time that is easy on your pocket at the same time, this is the place.

This course is located nearby the college park very conveniently. This is a perfect place if you’re staying close to downtown in Orlando and seeking a round. Over 6000 yards, this course is challenging, though it offers excellent playability. Once the game is over, you need to walk just a few yards to find the restaurant and bar for refreshment and hanging out