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Is there any disadvantage in live-in care? If there what, the disadvantages are in live-in care?

If you already heard about live-in care, I think mostly you would have heard only the positive reviews about it. Most people say that it is the safest one, and at the same time, it is the easiest method to do our works by paying less. But there are some disadvantages to live in care . There are lots of benefits and advantages of home care. But the advantages are not fit for everyone who all feels sick. You may ask by hiring a well-trained worker to do our work and by helping us what disadvantages some people would feel. Let’s see some of the disadvantages that are faced by some people in line with care.

When you are sick, and you are unable to walk or even unable to get up from your bed, it is better to live-in care. But all people will not have the same problem some people can do their work on their own, but they cannot be able to prepare food. For this kind of person, home care is enough, which means they do not have very severe care needs.

And the second disadvantage is mobility issues. When you are located on the first-second floor, and you might climb stairs to reach your home. As a patient, you cannot be able to climb those stairs daily, and it may cause illness to your health. And it is difficult to change the house it makes more expensive. In that case, the care home is better because care homes are built that makes the work for the patients easy to do. For example, using a wheelchair, you can move around the room, and there will not be any stairs inside and also outside the room.

The third disadvantage in live in the care method of caring is choosing the right carer. Normally live-in care workers would stay with you for the whole day. And if the worker does not suit you, then live-in care is the worst option for you. So at that time, you can try to care home there. You may have two to three workers to help you. If you are not suitable for one person, you can get help from the other worker. Not all the time, workers from live-in care will be the same; sometimes, you can fix your pair by choosing your own. So that hopefully you can find someone that you like. But only a few agencies would offer these kinds of opportunities.

live in care

And finally, the main disadvantage is the workers help you by staying with you all time. Only by staying near you, they can know about the needs. So it is essential to provide a separate room for the workers. They also have their right to have some private space form others, even patients sometimes. Before hiring, workers choose whether you have a spare room to accommodate the person living with you.

Some women would feel more pressure when their kitchen is used by other people. But live-in workers must use your kitchen to prepare food for you.