salvagedata hdd recovery

Great Supports for the Entire Data Recovery Option

Data recovery is a profession of specialists. In case of losses, it is advisable to call on a specialized company with the necessary expertise and means to ensure a good recovery process. The salvagedata hdd recovery happens to be the best now.

salvagedata hdd recovery

How does a data recovery take place?

An expert data recovery company must be transparent and reassure the client company at all stages of the process:

  • Sending or hand delivery of the storage medium, against acknowledgment of receipt, to the laboratory dedicated to data recovery.
  • A company that claims to establish a diagnosis remotely or by telephone, unless it is for a pre-diagnosis or an assessment of the situation, must arouse distrust.
  • Diagnosis to determine the nature and extent of data loss and thus, the feasibility and the proper method of recovery
  • A fault report with the list of recoverable data can be provided.
  • The estimate for data retrieval can only be established with precision at the end of this diagnostic phase.
  • Many companies charge for analysis or parts during the diagnostic phase. It is advisable to choose a laboratory offering a free diagnosis, guaranteed at no additional cost.
  • Data recovery after decision and validation of the quote by the client company.
  • The data is restored or extracted and, preferably, copied to a new storage medium before being delivered to the client.
  • The recovered data must be tested by the client company in order to recover any problem of reading or exploitation as soon as possible.

The means of recovery of the laboratories

Laboratories dedicated to data recovery have specialized resources and equipment. The clean room is the essential equipment to safely operate on damaged storage media. In particular, laminar flow hoods make it possible to control the concentration of particles in the air. The hard disk opening can thus be carried out without the risk that dust particles will damage vulnerable components such as magnetic tracks.

Diagnostic and data recovery software is also used. It may be proprietary software developed in-house, better suited than the standard software available online. They allow the analysis and extraction of data by reducing the risk of permanent losses.

Check its features to ensure the security and privacy of your data:

  • Secure premises, regulated access
  • Storage of your data carriers (safe).

Data recovery should also be the core business of your provider:

Favor the experiment, suggested by some indicators,

  • Research & Development activity
  • Professional reputation and customer references
  • Years of experience and number of files processed.
  • Success rate knowing that a rate of 100% does not exist

Look for resources and dedicated equipment:

  • The presence of a white light is unavoidable.
  • Diagnostic and / or recovery software developed in-house Etc.

Choosing the right data recovery lab

The first data recovery attempt is always the one with the best chance of success. Here are the tips to choose the laboratory to entrust your storage media:

Entrust your data recovery to a French company. Your service provider should not subcontract, let alone send your storage media abroad.

Check his certifications, his possible credentials and his ethics. As examples:

Adherence to the best practices chart for data recovery, defined by the SGDSN under the auspices of the Senior Manager in charge of Economic Intelligence.

Local classified Restricted Zone (ZRR) within the framework of the protection of the scientific and technical heritage of the nation (PPST).