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Essential Freight Service as Per Requirement

In order to set up an efficient shipping process, it is essential to monitor Amazon FBA inventory and establish an adequate list of sales volume. The important thing is that non-defective products are delivered on time to the FBA warehouse. From ارخص شركة نقل عفش بالرياض you can find the best deal now. To find out how to ship from China to Amazon FBA, there are three solutions:

  • Goods are shipped directly from your suppliers in China to Amazon FBA.
  • The goods will first be sent to your home and then transported to the Amazon warehouse.
  • The goods are shipped from China to a third party which will ship them to Amazon FBA. They check the goods for you and then transport them to the Amazon warehouse.

Let’s evaluate each of these methods:

Direct shipping from China to Amazon FBA

The best method we can suggest is to ship your products directly from China to Amazon FBA. This method is less expensive than the other two methods because shipping the products first to your company, or to a third party, will generate storage costs, processing costs, organization and additional timing since it will take then return the products to Amazon.

Freight Express or air is very expensive. If you use one of these methods, it is best to ship your products directly from China to Amazon FBA.

ارخص شركة نقل عفش بالرياض

Indeed, these costs will be higher if you send them for the first time to your home or to a third company since additional shipping will be necessary from your home to Amazon. If you choose to ship your products by ocean freight, you may want to consider the other two solutions.

Ship the products to your home first

Amazon has a strict quality requirement related to product quality and compliance. So if you ship to your home first, the biggest benefit you will get is that you will have the opportunity to check the products that you have purchased in China.

If too many customers give a bad review of the product, your form will be immediately closed and you will be unable to correctly reference your product, which corresponds to an essential criterion for selling on Amazon.

The advantage of this method is that you will not include on delivery for Amazon the products that you consider defective or of poor quality. Also, if you have quality problems in the products, you can solve them yourself.

If you use solution 3, the labor cost of a third-party company is very expensive and sometimes it does not have the appropriate resources to help you resolve product quality issues.

If you plan to ship the products to your home from China, it would be better if your home is near the main ports of the country. If you live relatively far away, additional transport costs will have to be taken into account to transport the goods from the port to your home and then from your home to the Amazon FBA warehouse. To find the port closest to you, do not hesitate to consult the Sea Rates website accessible here. Sometimes the additional shipping costs far exceed the benefits of the product. For example, Amazon gives you a warehouse in Paris.