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Choosing a photographer for a wedding-stuff to remember

As far as weddings are concerned, we all know that they are expensive, there are so many costs involved that some areas are often neglected to be able to spend a few more pounds on food or clothing. One of these areas is photography; it is often perceived as a luxury to spend a lot on this element or is left to the last minute. In my view, this is a BIG error! This important aspect is often overlooked when the hangovers have left and the confetti have been swept away, the wedding photography will be all that is left to aid your memories.

How many photographers will there be at the event itself? Some North East Wedding Photographer  will be accompanied by an assistant to help capture moments the official photographer might miss.

At the end of the day, what do you get? Will you have all the pictures on CD, after the post-processing work has been finished, for you to do as you please, or will the photographer help you pick a designated number to be used in an album (or more frequently a wedding book these days), while other extra pictures will have to be purchased at an additional cost?

Ports & References:

So you know what you want and start looking for a photographer who offers everything you need, what next, well, it’s vital that you do two things, check the photographer’s work portfolio in their collection and my advice here is to look for pictures with a number of different brides and grooms, it’s too easy for photographers to collect their portfolio from a wedding. A selection of individuals can help to prove that they have more experience.

Secondly, they’ll be more than happy if you ask them for references if they are any good. Speaking to the actual brides/grooms that used them will help evaluate not only the quality of the photograph but also how they were at your wedding as attendants. In many cases, the wedding photographer has to be unassuming while in others requiring the attention of large crowds (if photographs of the formal style are required). Many wedding photographers get a big part of their work through word of mouth (especially when they’re good!).

Another critical part of choosing your photographer when you’re looking at the photographer’s portfolio of work is seeing if the style is something you’re interested in. For many years formal staged photographs have been the thing in, a style of reportage is more popular these days, again your choice here will dictate who you look to hire.


North East Wedding Photographer

While many people here are going to disagree with me, I feel it’s important to hire a photographer who’s in a similar location to you (obviously if the wedding is in a different location this can add to the cost), for me this is because it makes it much easier to meet them before the wedding and post-wedding. This also ensures that you can handle any problems you might have after the event in person, with ease.