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At which age I can do teeth implantation?

dental implants, dental implants , dental implants dohadental clinicThe food items that we take in our daily life will contain some bacteria also in it. We cannot separate or remove the bacteria completely from the food. And some bacteria will stay in the teeth after eating. Only because of this doctors says to brush the twice a day. It is compulsory to brush teeth before sleeping. If you feel lazy to brush your teeth at night the bacteria will stay inside the teeth. It will affect the tooth gum and also makes teeth infection soon.

Can we get dental implants, dental implants , dental implants doha?

Yes, of course, if you are men you should complete your 19th year and if you are a woman you should cross your 15th age. To get veneers age limit is a must and is followed in every country. While comparing to fragile teeth veneer teeth are safe. Because veneer teeth can fall in any case you had any hard food items. But if you get veneer teeth which are made with porcelain cannot be broken and does not affect the nearby natural teeth. The porcelain is additionally added with veneer is to give some extra strength to the artificial teeth. The people who have the habitant of biting their nails, and eating hard foods are not allowed to get veneer teeth.

I have already got veneer teeth and I have pain in my other teeth also can I get another veneer?

Yes, it not more dangerous to have two to three veneers. But it is dangerous to have more than 6 veneers. Because sometimes it may cause a sore feeling in your jaw or in the gum. So once you got veneer you should start maintaining your teeth.

When should I go to the doctor if I get tooth pain?

People suffer from tooth pain a lot. It is caused by the swelling of the pulp region. If you have tooth pain more than a day continuously you should consult the doctor immediately.

Is there any step to follow to reduce the teeth pain?

To bare or to reduce teeth pain at night time takes some pain killer tablets to get a fresh sleep. By using a hot salt water rinse your mouth. Clean your teeth after your meal. Another great hygiene to reduce tooth pain is hydrogen peroxide. It serves as a cleaning agent.

High concentrated hydrogen peroxide will not keep for sale. Only 3 per cent of hydrogen peroxide should be used for cleaning teeth, and skin, ears, nails, etc… It is enough to clean your teeth and makes some extra white.

Some people will have a yellowish colour in their teeth. If you have habits like drinking black tea, cool drinks, more than twice in a day it will also change your teeth colour white to yellow. And sometimes when you have aged the white enamel present in the teeth will reduce and will change the colour of your teeth to yellow colour. You can notice that smoker’s teeth will also be in a yellowish colour. The tobacco causing cigarettes will also reduce the whitening in your teeth.