Explosion Proof Air Conditioning

All about explosion air conditioners

Air Conditioners are used for cooled down the room temperature from normal temperature by observing the atmosphere air and exhaust the room heat air. Nowadays air conditioners are becoming our daily needs. An air conditioner provides safe air conditioners during the hazardous time that are explosion-proof air conditioners. This Explosion Proof Air Conditioning means it does not produce any fire when a spark or arc produced or gas leaked by the normal things available in the industries whereas normal air conditioners will fire the whole industry when any gas leak or spark or arc produced by the other machines.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioning

Most of the factories or industries having the risk of explosion. An explosion occurs not only in the highly risky areas such as chemical plants, gas production, oil refineries, etc but also in the less risky industries that means the products do not produce flames such as spinning mills, rice mills, sugar production. The dust from these types of industries also blocks the air conditioner and causes an explosion. So we can prefer the explosion-proof air conditioner than the normal air conditioner mainly in the field of profession.

Parts and details of AC:

The explosion-proof air conditioners consist of two main parts. They are

  • Explosion-proof condensing units( outdoor section) and
  • Explosion-proof air handling units(indoor section)

We can prefer the explosion-proof air conditioners for a hazardous place. In that, we can also know the full system will not be explosion-proof. We can choose explosion-proof condensing units for the companies manufactures gas or other flammable substance in the outside of the company. While explosion-proof air handling units are preferred to the industries which produce gas or chemicals inside the company. The explosion-proof air conditioner is quite expensive but it saves many things during an explosion even sometimes prevents the explosion of the industries or factories.

This system is mainly offered to the industrial purpose to operate in the working hours of the company. The capacity of the system is ranged from 1to 250 tons that can be set manually.

This air conditioner is designed by highly knowledgeable engineering persons and is certified by NEC and IEC for operational performance in hazardous surroundings such as dust, explosive gases, dirty place, chemical substance, highly flammable products. These products are operated in good condition with 100 % output. We are always to serve you at the doorstep. Please contact us if you have any doubts about choosing air conditioners which are in different types.

This explosion proof air conditioners are used in the fields are chemical plants, gas tanker ships, offshore oil platforms, analyzer cabinets, and storage of hazardous goods.

Benefits of our air conditioner are

  • Easy to install anywhere,
  • It operates in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz,
  • It works for 24*7 hours
  • It can be suited for high ambient temperatures
  • It is highly reliable

Explosion-proof air conditioners containing parts are air handlers, condensers, compressors, heaters, valves, blowers or fans, coils, and other electrical components. From this explosion-proof air conditioner, any damage occurs we can change the damaged part alone instead of changing the whole air conditioner.