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The Right Haircut at the Right Hair Salon

When you have found your hair salon and more specifically the professional hairdresser graduated including a mens haircuts who will know your hair well, your style, what you like or dislike and who knows almost anticipate your requests. So stay faithful since, in a hairdressing salon, the relationship of trust with his hairdresser or hairdresser is essential so that everything takes place in the best possible conditions. It’s the same for home hairdressers. By establishing this relationship with its customers, the benefits for the salon or the independent are multiple since they will have new customers who can communicate positively to all those who are looking for a hair salon.

Finding the right hairdresser or hairdresser can be one of the most rewarding things that have happened to your hair, but it can come with horror stories and bad appointments and colorful haircuts before finding the right one. How many friends do you know who have a horrible haircut or a color story about a hairdresser?

Whether you want a hairdresser or hairdresser who will create the perfect color or haircut, who will recommend great products or who will teach you how to get thicker hair, knowing what you want from this relationship will help you a lot in your research effort.

Some hairdressers are better in color than for cuts, others know how to style any type of hair, and you really hit the jackpot when you find the triple threat: someone who can make the cut, the color and style to perfection.

What to ask the hairdresser in Lyon?

Although everyone’s hair is different, there are some general questions you can ask to make sure you understand the cut, color and overall care of the hairstyle you choose.

How will the interview be?

If your hairstyle or color requires you to return to the salon every 6 weeks, but you do not have the time or money to do it, you probably need to think of another option. It is essential to know that you will be able to do what is necessary to maintain your new style before making significant changes to your hair, or you may end up with remorse.

mens haircuts

Where will the hairstyle fall?

Show your hairdresser where you want your hair to fall when styled and finished, instead of telling him how long you want to cut it. If you give a measure to your hairdresser, there is a good chance that when your hair is styled, they will be shorter than you want. Providing a visual is easier because your hairdresser will know where to cut to make sure your hair falls to the length you want. Do not forget to keep in mind how you wear your piece, as this could impact how your hairdresser makes sure the hairstyle falls as you wish.

Will I have to comb my hair every day to get that look?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. If you only have 10 minutes to style yourself in the morning, an elaborate haircut that will take you 30 minutes or more to style you will not work with your schedule. Your model may look great at the show, but if you cannot reproduce it every day, chances are you’ll end up dissatisfied with your new hairstyle very quickly.