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The perfect Choice for the Easy Buying of the Homes

We know this is a cliché, but it is also true buying a property can be the largest single financial outlay you incur, so you need to be aware of potential costs and fees. We want to help you find the perfect residential property in the center of Warsaw, but the following tips for buying a property should be considered as a guide only and are not intended to replace professional advice. Each real estate transaction is different in terms of details and complexity, and the real estate sales team which you will find here will be happy to provide further information and explanations. With the online conveyancing quote you can make your budget now.

Own contribution

In the current financial situation, many lenders require at least a 10% deposit of the property purchase price payable when exchanging contracts.

online conveyancing quote

Legal fees

The legal process of purchasing residential property should be conducted by a qualified legal adviser and should be instructed during the bidding process for individual properties. Costs vary depending on:

  • Which law firm you use
  • Residential property value

Lawyers also add what they call ‘payouts’. These are additional costs associated with your case, such as shipping, submitting necessary applications, etc.

Stamp duty

The stamp duty for land tax is charged on transactions regarding land and real estate in Poland. Tax is calculated according to various rates depending on the purchase price of land or real estate. The mortgage valuation report from your mortgage lender confirms that the property has a market value equivalent to the amount you want to borrow.

Mortgage Fees

Some lenders will waive application fees and reconciliation fees, but some may charge additional amounts for processing your mortgage application. In many cases, the fee can be added to the amount of the mortgage.

It is important to confirm in advance whether it can be added to the loan. Also, check if the fee is refundable if your mortgage application is declined or you withdraw from your purchase before it completes.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance will usually be taken out by the lender at your expense if you have purchased a large part of the value of the property usually 90% plus and there is a risk that you may not be able to pay it back.

The insurance will be activated if the lender transfers the house to another and has to sell it for a lower amount than the mortgage, with the insurance policy making the difference. In addition, the lender can sue you for not having insurance.


To register a change in ownership of a property, the new owner must pay a fee to the land registry, depending on the purchase price of the property.  A profitable and safe sale of real estate requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Overlooking important aspects of the transaction usually leads to errors that cause measurable losses to the seller. We advise on how to avoid the 7 most common mistakes made by real estate sellers.

Lack of accepted property sale plan

The two main goals of the seller of the property are to conclude the transaction in the shortest possible time and to obtain the highest sale price. To achieve these goals, the individual stages of the property sale process must be planned in advance. Ill-considered actions, undertaken on the impulse and at the instigation of people who do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience are more likely to move away from the assumed goal than help sell the property in a favorable way.