asbestos lawyers

Professional jobs called lawyers

The person who practices the law is called a lawyer. He works on civil and criminal cases of the peoples. A lawyer is one of the professional main job in the world.

A lawyer is a person who well known the law of their country and the speaking techniques are to be as very professional. He must want to know all the sections in the laws and he has been updated.

asbestos lawyers

There are many kinds of lawyers:

Advocate, the bar at law, attorney at law, barrister at law, canon lawyer, asbestos lawyers , canonist, civil law notary, counsel, counsellor, legal executive, public servant, and solicitor.

In India, the term advocate is the word used as the lawyer under act 1961

The study of law is different from country to country. In some countries, masters had to be finished to join the law. In some other countries, a single UG degree is enough to do law.

In India, a single UG degree in arts is enough to study the law in our country. In our country, the lawyers are mainly of two types. one is civil lawyers, and another one is criminal lawyers.

Civil lawyers mean the lawyer who id special for the civil cases like, land problems, agriculture land problems, shops, and other main cases related to land and others. In the civil lawyers there is a government and also private lawyers are there. If there is one popular lawyer who has in one city he has many assistance lawyers who are there with him assistance are to be taken care of some small cases and also helps to collect the details regarding the case where his boss admits.

Criminal lawyers mean the lawyer who is special for criminal cases, criminal cases like murder, theft, threatening, money problems, etc. and other criminal related cases. In these services there having the government and private lawyers. There are some big and popular lawyers and the small lawyers are be there in the city. With one popular lawyer, there is some assistance to be there with them. They are helping them to solve some small cases and collecting regarding the detail of the cases.

There one famous lawyer is admitted in the accident case. He is in favour of the person who took the accident. There was one public lawyer is admit to speaking regarding the person who died in the accident, the case was going very interesting. The public lawyer has all evidence that is submitted in front of the judge. The other lawyer said that all are fake evidence. The fight goes very interesting the judge was very confused to take the decision. So the judge passed the hearing after one day, that means the day after tomorrow. On that day all gathered to the court the case some to the hearing. The public lawyer has some new evidence, he goes and submits on the judge. After seeing the video evidence the judge concludes, the judge gives the punishment of the attempted murder, the drunken driving, and high speeding. He gets the punishment of 14 years in jail. In a very big case, the public lawyer gets the victory.

There are lakh and lakh of the pending cases in India still to get a judgment.