Perfect Option to Reduce The Closing Costs for the Sake of Business

When you know that one of the major concerns of business leaders and financial directors concerns cost reduction, we say that it would be interesting to study the issue more closely. And see what solutions could achieve this goal. Reducing costs does not only mean lower costs but it is also great, often unsuspected, way to improve your cash flow and therefore investment. You can make a visit to for the best result now.

In this area, the automation of repetitive tasks, with low added value is a real gold mine. In addition to being not very motivating and not very rewarding for the people in charge, repetitive tasks require time, money and are subject to errors or oversights.

The automation of some of these tasks is already enabled thanks to new digital tools. And the possibilities will grow with the emergence of new solutions, always more effective and efficient. According to the report, the automation of the various processes will allow an estimated cost reduction of between 20% and 30%, in the coming years.

Automation can be scary, however. Nobody wants to see their processes treated mechanically, standardized and cold. This is why we have selected intelligent tools capable of adapting to the specifics of the issues they deal with.

Pay it

Payroll management is hell, both from the point of view of employees who do not understand all the subtleties and of employers who have little knowledge of social law. Parfit makes it possible to automatically generate the payslips, to send them to the employees, to produce a file of transfers and to carry out the social declarations of each company, independently.

Dun force

Dun force offers a solution that automates customer reminders. Each of the reminders is constructed and sent specifically for each client. The aim is to simplify and make the monitoring process more efficient and relevant. The tool also offers a dashboard allowing you to have a global view of the state of your receivables and is intended as a virtual assistant for the person in charge of invoice monitoring.

Online accounting firm

An online accounting firm with the aim of making life is as easy as possible for administrative matters. Everything is dematerialized: the invoices are scanned or transferred via attachments and they take care of the rest. No more manual entry is necessary.

Virtual Assistant service

Virtual Assistant service allows you to manage all your appointments and which works entirely by email. The objective is to facilitate the management of calendars from the information contained in emails.

When it is copied to an email, it will then take control of the conversation and take care of finding a niche that suits you and your contact. Once a niche is found by chatting with your contact, she confirms the appointment in your calendar and sends the corresponding invitations. She can also write down an event in your calendar or cancel or postpone an appointment for you if you ask her to.


BlackLine is the market leader in automation and optimization software for financial control. It is financial closing management and automation solution. The tool allows you to maintain full control over the entire process with the aim of rationalizing and gaining efficiency in the processing of accounting flows. The solution also produces different types of reports allowing you to monitor financial and regulatory aspects.