offshore company registration in dubai

How the offshore company registration in dubai is Perfect?

Many think that it is unfair that these companies pay few taxes when in reality it is unfair that other smaller companies do not have the money to hire the services of specialists to help them build the necessary structures. But there you can help the blog “Librestado”, offering information for free (you can subscribe for free to not miss anything) and direct help for a fraction of the price of what is usually found in the market if you want, you can hire my services. With the offshore company registration in dubai this is important.

Business succession and inheritance cases

You can combine your company with other companies in tax havens to optimize taxes in cases of inheritance, thus avoiding the heavy tax burden on inheritance of assets. Many medium-sized companies are faced with the serious problem of high inheritance tax charges when the company’s founder dies and the company falls to a successor. This tax can lead a profitable company to stop being profitable. Taking the offshore path in these cases is especially interesting when the inheritance is to be transferred from one country to another.

offshore company registration in dubai

As a successful entrepreneur who has been building your business step by step, you will surely prefer to support your family than to leave a good part of your assets in the hands of the people who run the State on duty, right? After all, no doubt you have already left the State with more than enough money on your way there.

Stock investor or trader

As in the other cases, if you are an investor or trader you will have no problem managing your profits with your company in a tax haven, you just have to respect the legislation.

Mobile property owner

There is a good reason for many ships to sail under the flag of Liberia and Malts. These countries offer certain advantages to those who register their boats there. In fact, it is possible to legally transfer even houses from one country to another. This does not mean that you have to physically remove them from their country of origin, of course. The conditions for doing this differ strongly from country to country in fact it is a fairly complex process that requires very specialized knowledge.

Use of intellectual property

In case you have patents or trademark rights on something, the offshore company can allow you to sell these rights easily or acquire new ones. In part, it is also much easier to transfer them to third parties.


The advantages for a consultant of having the company in a tax haven are quite clear. On the one hand, they save a lot on taxes and on the other they will be able to run their company more easily, without having to pay attention to a lot of useless procedures and rules.

Why because in offshore jurisdictions the requirements to the accounting of the company and information to the authority are minimal or nonexistent. Imagine the monthly or quarterly forms are over, no more audits or income statements. In future articles, we will provide more information on the characteristics of offshore companies and the specific options to set them up.