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Great Details for Gift Cards As Per Your Choice

With each new birthday, the choice of the gift can turn into a real puzzle. Here are some valuable tips for you to renew yourself to create the desired effect of surprise.

amazon gift card

The round bouquet is a very feminine gift. Elegant and delicate, it offers itself as a jewel dedicated to beauty and sensuality. For a birthday, it remains a safe bet to seduce all women: bright tones (red, multicolored, bright pink) for the youngest to more subtle tones (pastel, cream-white, country) for the most experienced. The use of amazon gift card is very important here.

  • The bouquet in height is suitable for both a woman and a man. For the latter, however, avoid the pink and pastel colors. It is a gift idea that promises nice surprises when it is offered for a birthday. More imposing and decorative than a round bouquet, the bouquet in height causes its effect and does not go unnoticed.
  • The floral composition is an assembly of birthday flowers stuck in a container. In circles or in height, it requires the florist to work hard to produce a floral creation that will last longer than a traditional bouquet. For a birthday, it’s a very useful gift idea for delivery to a workplace, reception, or if your recipient simply does not have a vase to display their flowers.

The green or flowering plant is very decorative indoors and outdoors, depending on the variety chosen. Unlike bouquets and floral arrangements, it can be kept for several years, with some attention from your recipient. For a birthday, it is a gift that interests all lovers of plants and flowers that have a balcony, a terrace or a garden.

The mini shrub

It can be a bonsai, a ficus, an olive tree or a citrus fruit, like the lemon tree. For a birthday, it’s an original gift for a woman or a man, at home or at work. The mini shrub has the advantage of requiring little maintenance. No need to have a green thumb to enjoy!

Gift ideas to deliver with flowers

The bottle of champagne is the essential gift of any festive event, such as a birthday. Offered with a bouquet, a plant or a floral composition, this high-end product is a mark of savoir vivre and refinement. However, reserve for an adult audience and consume with moderation, alcohol abuse being dangerous for health.


In a box, box, heart or amandines, chocolate is a gourmet gift idea to accompany your delivery of flowers. No need to wait for Easter or the end of year holidays to surprise the taste buds, the chocolate is perfect for a birthday and transmits your message with taste and originality.

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